‘Spiders, spiders next to me
1 spider speaks
many nets, webs
I have a grim annoying feeling
I cannot sleep because of the spiders
I want to leave
afraid to sleep
the spiders are asleep.’

Dream from my dream journal (26-09-2017).

The subconscious, emotions, fears and gender are some of the themes that keep me occupied. Themes that are difficult to comprehend, that contain mystery, that keep me sitting on the edge of my chair. For a while now, I’ve been drawing and writing about my dreams in a dream diary. While asleep, you get a constant stream of images, stories you cannot place in the reality. Distortions of the everyday life, emotions and fears that occupy you on a daily basis and appear at night in a distorted version.

As I feel uncomfortable expressing myself verbally, I look for other ways to share my thoughts, fears and emotions. These are drawn on different media like paper, textile, mousse, canvas etc. I search for different worlds to be and reinvent myself. Each one of my works is inexplicable and transmits the atmosphere that I experience in my body, my inner persona. Besides that, my work shows how I live my life, or how life really is in the eyes of Annelies.



2017-2019 Master Costume design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts – Antwerp.
2014-2017 Bachelor Costume design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts – Antwerp.
2013-2014 De Kunsthumaniora – Berchem (Antwerp).


2018    Internship (costume designer) ‘Buzz’ at Kopergietery Ghent, production: Arsenaal/Lazarus and Kopergietery, director and actress: Charlotte Vandermeersch.
2018Internship (costume designer) ‘It Wasn’t A Thinking Thing’ at DeSingel Antwerp, production: NEST Theaterwerkplaats, director: Jellie Schippers.
2017Internship (costume assistant) ‘Merlijn of het Barre Land’ at Opek Leuven, production: Fabuleus, directors: Dirk De Lathouwer and Astrid Ogiers.
2015Internship ‘Merrily We Roll Along’ (design and realisation) at the Royal conservatoire Brussels, musical department, director: Lulu Aertgeerts.
2013Three weeks internship at fashion designer Katrien Van Hecke as co-worker.


2019Nominated for the Hugo Roelandt Prize.
2019Nominated for the Prize Stockmans Art Books.
2016Encouragement Award 2th Bachelor Costume Design by ARTos.


June-September 2019‘Thank You- Come Again’- Hopland 14, Antwerp, Curator: Spank Moons.
March 2019‘DE Kotroute Antwerpen’– room 8, Antwerp, organisation: AmuseeVous.
March 2019‘OMG is Pink the new Black?’ at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts – Antwerp, curator: Spank Moons.
March 2018‘Wondrous Pearls – The Baroque Body’ at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts – Antwerp, curator: Spank Moons.
March 2017‘De Rode Draad’ at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts – Antwerp, curators: David Andries, Lore Schuerman, Spank Moons.


26 September 2019Performance ‘HUGO’ with Zino Moons, at the finissage of ‘Thank you – Come Again’, Hopland – Antwerp.
June 2019Performance ‘HUGO’ with Zino Moons, Het Bos – Antwerp, Graduation show of Costume Design.
May 2019Performance ‘HUGO’ with Zino Moons, at the opening of Antwerp Art Weekend at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
March 2019Performance ‘HUGO’ with FLOOD at the opening of ‘DE Kotroute’- AmuseeVous, at the MAS – Antwerp.

Movies and documentaries

February 2018Participated in the documentary ‘The Power of Drawing’, Director: Ilke De Vries.